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    Phun is compleet veilig en het beste buitenlandse forum

    Ter info: Er is een "gevaarlijke" link geconstateerd door Norton SafeWeb op Phun.org.

    Lees meer....

    http://forum.phun.org/ weer bijna terug!

    Hello everybody...

    no, this isn't the long overdue layout change of phun.org. We're currently having serious problems with our servers and are currently moving the whole site to a new location, which is going to take a few more hours. Until then I'll keep you entertained with our regular daily links. Update 10/21/2010: The servers are all set up and are currently being configurated. I've already been able to access the forum again. All data is from the 13th, so only a few days worth of posts are lost. I haven't been told an exact time when everything will be back in place, but I really, really hope it should be less than 12 hours.
    Aangepast door peaches; 22 oktober 2010, 23:26.

    Wat ik begrepen heb uit het verhaal op een andere forum, is er iets mis gegaan met het updaten van de database.

    We wachten wel af.

    * EDIT ... Sorry, alleen in het Engels *

    realitychecknetwork.com (were phun org. is hosted) was hacked

    "We are writing this letter to inform you that a very targeted
    malicious attack took place on our network this morning at 6AM EST.
    As a result, most of our server operating systems have been corrupted
    resulting in the current downtime. However, we have access to all
    backups and have already figured out a strategy for bringing your
    servers back up, and have all hands on deck working to restore
    service. We will continue sending progress updates, and will be
    notifying you personally once your service is restored. We would like
    to thank everyone for being so understanding and patient as we work to
    bring everything back to normal. "

    Latest Update:
    " We've been working on finalizing the restore process and automating it with scripts so that we can get the servers online as rapidly as possible. We are creating work queues and assigning servers to them therefore we will be able to provide a more concrete ETA for restores shortly.

    We are also in the process of finalizing agreements that will allow us to increase manpower significantly as well as provide a stable infrastructure when the servers are restored.

    In terms of the damage to the servers it was corruption of the MBR and initial sectors on the hard drive. For customers with large attached storage devices your content should be unaffected as it was not part of the primary RAID configuration. ShareNXS

    As for the intrusion it was the result of an ex-employee who was with us for three years as a result he had intimate knowledge of our systems which is why the effects are so large.

    We have made significant progress on the backend and we feel that we are reaching a point where the recovery process can begin ramping up full force. We will be sending another update soon, and thanks again to everyone for the outpouring of support - we're working as hard and smart as we can to get everyone back online. "
    Aangepast door hooters; 19 oktober 2010, 01:20.

    Oorspronkelijk gepost door Elien Bekijk bericht

    Weet er iemand wat er met deze site is gebeurd???
    Kom er ook regelmatig, ligt er sinds gisteren uit zag ik. Mogelijk serveronderhoud of problemen.

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